Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just found out this band from US today. Is awesome shit, Pop/R&B/Electronic/Rock, The poised and dynamic range of songwriting keeps the listener excited by offering fresh and honest versions of future dancefloor and living room classics.
Must Check It Out!!!

Design Studio : Non-Format (US)

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Blue Foundation

This band from Denmark is quite awesome, sound like Mew but they have their own style Electronic /Shoegaze/Dream Pop and they are kind of related to them (remix on Mew songs).
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Monday, June 29, 2009

From Monument to Masses

This band from San Francisco is a politically-charged Post Rock/Instrumental/Screamo band. They have a typical kind of style, that they like to in-put voice over from radio/tv in their songs and is awesome cause the out come is like a story in the movie.

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Illustrator : Jasper Goodall (UK)

British Illustrator Jasper Goodall is one of the most distinctive, influential and respected illustrators of today. His style has been emulated so much that it has become a veritable school of illustration in itself. But Goodall was the pioneer, presenting a fusion of symbolic eroticism and contemporary pop culture imagery. His work is bold, slick, sexual and highly stylized, rhythmically beautiful and stunningly provocative in equal measures. Goodall’s distinctive style and technical prowess have led him to contribute to some of the most style defining commercial commissions of recent years, including work for: Gucci, Nike, Adidas to name but a few. Editorially he’s worked for such titles as: The Face, Arena, Elle, Big, Eye, Deliciae Vitae, Scene, Dazed and Confused and Icon amongst many others world wide.
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From France, Gonzalez Anthony the one man show for this band (group up when is live) Electronic/Shoegaze/Pop. Unexpected and awesome stuff from this guy, combination of Shoegaze + Electronic = Dance.
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Modeselektor + Apparat = MODERAT

Moderat, a collaboration of Modeselektor + Apparat, Electronic/Experimental
They are coming to SG this July, can't wait to see them and is going to be fucking awesome. They will be live in Heineken Green Sessions (the location/cost is not fix yet).
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Friday, June 26, 2009


Experimental Post Rock. From Sweden, a must have band in your music list for Post Rock lover, for those who scared of Post Rock band (boring)... no worries, they have great vocals.
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Just Call My Name...I'll Be There

A lovely songs by MJ. The gone of him let me think of something about life and I realize life is really short...not realize actually, life is short as everyone know. When is time to go, you have to go. Appreciate what surrounding you, and let us remember the legend and the memory that he gave to us.


Recently I am listening to this band from US and they were good, their music consists of many elements such as alternative rock, new wave, electro rock, psychedelic rock, and post-rock with ambient vocals.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009


This band from Denmark is the 1st Post Rock band that I listen too and they make me crazy with Post Rock since then. Still remember the 1st songs that I listen from them is "Comforting Sounds", its blow me away. Coming August, they will come out a new album and is fucking awesome, no disappointment.

Must Check It Out!!!



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Design Studio : Ice Cream For Free

ICFF is a design studio that base in Germany founded by Oliver Wiegner, they mostly designed/illustrated on CDs cover and print. They even created a fan art for Omega Code. Their style is influenced by current impressions from the streets of Berlin, the fine art scene of the city, and from all over the world.
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These guys from Japan is one of my favorite Screamo/Post Rock/Hardcore band. I have seen them live in SG before and they are fucking awesome, whenever you feel down or you want to release your stress, their music helps.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Omega Code

This band from Brazil is damn new and they are superb. Metal/Alternative/IDM. They are so creative that they blend in design and music together, they asked for submission from their fans to create artwork after listening to their music, above is some of the artwork by their fans (some of them are famous one, like Joshua Davis). Free EP is open for download on their website.
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Designer : Jun Watanabe

This graphic designer from Japan created cool design, logo and product/apparel. He is the designer behind a famous street wear apparel Devilock.

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9mm Parabellum Bullet

These guys from Japan is fucking awesome, Emo Rock, the way they played is like a fucking machine gun.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Land Of Talk

One of my favorite Indie Rock band Canada, Elizabeth Powell awesome guitarist and vocal of the band and she is one of the band member of Broken Social Scene.
Must Check It Out!!!

Cat Power

This chic from US got a great voice, she is known for her minimalist style, sparse guitar and piano playing, and breathy vocals. So in love with one of her songs "The Greatest" in the 17AGAIN movie, it was incredible in that scene and is so touching. Folk/Rock/Pop
Must Check It Out!!!